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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cleveland 19 news. ohio's flooring superstore. asking questions and getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts right now. >> denise: we start with breaking news out of lorain -- lorain county. dozens of people were evacuated filled the building. >> romona: sara just arrived at the scene. sara, do we know how many people were taken to the hospital? >> reporter: yeah, guys. i am toll seven people were taken to the hospital and treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. i am here at lorain county automotive service. you can see the windows and the truck bays are open for ventilation at this warehouse. i am told that everyone is expected to be okay.
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you can see the workers are out here and columbia gas was also on scene. we saw people wearing masks out here tonight. elyria fire department says they got a call for a person with chest pains about 7:00 tonight at this warehouse. an hour later they got a call that someone was having trouble broughting. when the fire department showed up about 30 people are are complaining about headaches and dizziness. firefighters evacuated the build -- evacuated the building. they discovered the root of the problem was the hvac unit. they shut that down when they fund out from -- when they found out about the carbon ma mocks side de ect iter. i can tell you that the fire department says this is a reminder of just how dangerous carbon monoxide can be as the weather gets colder. they say it is important to have a carbon monoxide
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check the heater and the furnace when you turn it on this time of year is a the weather gets colder. i'm told this business will probably remain closed over the weekend. live in elyria and getting answers, sara goldenburg, cleveland inane teen news. cleveland 19 news. >> romona: it is raining as you can see in sara's live shot and you can expect it to happen part of the day tomorrow. >> denise: will the wet plans? jeff tanchak has the hour by hour forecast and he has the first alert. >> jeff: we are dealing with wet roads because the second batch of rain is moving in. we did get a break for the most part this evening. but now here it comes again here in wayne county. this is where the steadiest rain is occurring around a mansfield and ashland and also around a worcester. there may even be a sleet pellet or two with the pink color you can see in wayne county. i have the alert going through
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so if you are going to be getting off the road -- hitting the road early in the morning now through about 10:00 a.m., it is mainly going to be light rain, but still some slow holiday travel because of that through the morning. it won't be a steady rain all day tomorrow. the next few hours and i know this is a big night out and we are cloudy at cleveland hopkins, but the rain is moving in. 40 at midnight and 40 at 1:00 a.m. we'll hold steady in the low 40s here the rest of night. black better. i'll bring you the details on that coming up. >> millions of people across the country are on the move. passengers are packing airports like in atlanta and l.a. and chicago and miami to gridlock on the highways. we are gettingence as how you can survive the holiday rush safely. >> romona: some of you may still be waiting for family
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travelers have seen as they made their way to cleveland. shelby, have most flights landed for the night? >> yeah, one of the busiest travel days is wrapping up. there are still cars picking up loved ones m everyone i spoke to say no matter the madness it is worth it to be with loved ones on thanksgiving. >> suitcases in hand. thousands filled the and as people headed out of town to see loved ones plenty of people piled into town for the thanksgiving holiday. triple-a predicted this will be the busiest travel period in a decade with nearly 49 million people leaving towns across america. some people we spoke to called today's travels a headache while others said flying across the country was a breeze. >> it was very busy. i waited in security and i
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i would not recommend traveling. from chicago to here it wasn't bad. >> surprisingly there was a lot of crowds. the airports handled it well. my flight in chicago had a lay over. pretty impressed with it. >> now let's talk about when you have to go home after thanksgiving is over. according to the app "ways" the best day to go hom monday if you can head back then. the worst day to head home is sunday from 11:00 to 6:00. if you have to travel sunday make it as early in the morning as you possibly can. live at cleveland hopkins airport cleveland 19 news. >> denise: thank you. way will head over to the alert desk where chris tanaka is tracking breaking news. >> chris: sad news out of chattanooga. a 6th tide child has died
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bus crash. they didn't find any chases of alcohol or drugs. he was behind the wheel when the bus flipped over and slammed into a tree. now investigators are trying to figure out why he was going well above the 30-mile per hour speed limit at the time of the crash and a federal judge in cincinnati has just ordered 250 striking cargo pilots back to work. your holiday packages arrive on time. the pilots for abx air went on strike in a dispute over working conditions and timeoff. they make about 75 flights a day. they carry package ks for am ma -- packages for amazon and dhl. >> chris: the police officer who was shot in the head last night has died. officer colin rose was just 29 years old. ramona? >> romona: chris, thank you.
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killed a 29-year-old man in a barber shop. charles davis was shot after getting into an argument with the shooter. the suspect had a small boy with him. they hope he will say something to someone and that someone will call police. the navy announced that the personal information of almost 135,000 sailors has been stolen. the hackers were able to access the information on a laptop known as sea way which sailors used to reenlist. the navy is sending out notices to every affected sailor by phone, mail or e-mail. >> are you heading out for black friday shopping? tonight we are getting answers on where to find what you are looking for once you are inside the stores. dan deroos is in the answer center with the maps you will need to navigate your black friday shopping cart. >> dan: so you've done your
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going after, put do you know where they will be in the store? i am not just talking about going in and going to the electronics department. on black friday stores like target and wal-mart sort of hide or spread out the items throughout the stores so not everybody runs in and goes to a department like electronics. i got pulled up right now target has out their list and i have -- you have to put in your zip code and then find your store. i have done it for the cleveland store. here is what i'm talking about. here is the map. each target store is set up differently and you have to find your map. say you are headed down there. you found the tv you want and dvd player. you will want to go in the door and go to the electronics department. that's not where it is located. tv's dvd's and blue ray players will find it here. they will be in the maternity
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something nice for somebody you know having a baby. but again all of this stuff is scattered throughout the store. you knead to find the maps. go to cleveland we put the map finder for target. getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos, back to you. >> denise: thank you. do you or your child have to wear braces to get the perfect smile? one expert is warning that they may actually damage your teeth. how to protect those pearly whites coming up. and having a tough time trying to find a toy your child has on their wish list? we are getting answers on some of the hottest toys that are flying off toy shelfs and how you can get your hands on them. >> jeff: rain is moving into the cleveland area right now. we are still dry downtown. that will be changing in the area. like i said the feazel roof cam and cloudy sky. it is warm, 43 and not too bad out there. i'll have the details and you need to know about
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live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is chief lend 19 news. >> romona: your children have made out their wish lists and it is full of toys and tech
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>> denise: what may be tough to find because everyone wants them. >> romona: jen has gotten's on this year's most popular toys. >> from the moment those fingers carefully craft their letter to santa the clock starts ticking for parents and grandparents to debt their hands on this year's must have toys. >> when the new toys r us catalog arrives i have them circle the things they wanted. >> reporter: there is no doubt what two toys will be on thousands of christmas lists. hatchamals and the nes classic edition from nintendo. >> we are fielding a lot of questions of when we i will get these in. >> reporter: shooy has been searching for them in stores and on-line for weeks. >> i think this is the first time they have sold out before black friday. i mean it is not even thanksgiving yet and the hot toy is already gone. >> the shelves are bear and stores here and across the
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of stock. >> currently we have a limited supply of the classic edition of hathamls. >> reporter: i took to the phones and scoured the internet to get answers about where if anywhere these hot toys are available. >> hi, i was calling to see if you had any of the nes classics or hathamals. >> nintendo said we are working hard to keep up with consumer demand. there is a steady flow of additional systems through the holiday shopping season and into the new year m spin master won't say how many they have sold and how many they will be producing, but a representative said they are working around the clock to get more under the tree this holiday. they also say thisy have increased production and expedited shipping to try to make that happen. >> at toys r us there is no such thing as an alert, wait list or rain check. you will have to be waiting outside the door when these stores open. a lot of people are here hours
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in that day and containing something thereafter. the manager of the north olmstead target said they are also trying to deliver under the tree. >> you have trucks six days this week and you will get them all out. >> reporter: wal-mart made additional stock available for a four-day period last week at 2:00 p.m. each day. they offered the e-mail alert option for those who want to know when they have more. >> you need to be per sis extent. per persistent. >> they are not impossible to find. they are out there. but at double and triple the price or higher. >> hatchamals retail for $40. third party sellers scooped them up and are now offering them at a premium. parents and grand parent are also competing with collectors and capitalists who see an opportunity.
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on craigslist you can find both items for less, $170 for a hatchamal. and ebay gives you a chance to buy them now for $159 or take your chances with a lower bid. hatchamal bids are less than $100 or you can buy it for double the retail price. the other local option is to buy from your neighbor. through buy, specific to your area. hatchamal is $125, but they are looking for four to up to 16 times the retail price. >> she says she'll keep trying. >> i was telling my granddaughters that nana has a hard time. i have been all over the internet. they look at me and say it's okay, nana.
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>> getting answers, cleveland 19. >> if you don't end up finding one of these hot toys to put under the tree this year, one consumer expert says you may want to give your child a gift card with the promise of buying one after the holiday when the demand dies down. >> does your child have braces? lessen up. they may be doing more harm than good. braces make it difficult to properly teeth and helps cause a build up of plaque. he does have an answer to the problem. brushing twice a day and using an alcohol free mouth wash helps. an estimated four million people in the u.s. wear braces. >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. and it is also beginning and cleveland was named number one
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the most holiday songs on the radio. they are paying 48,000 christmas songs. do you know what the most played song was? >> jeff: feliz-navidad. ? [in >> denise: can you tell it is late and we are slap happy? >> jeff: misteltoe. >> denise: no! no! no! >> romona: you know rodney is watching. >> denise: we draw the line there. >> jeff: a few showers moving across i-71 northeast of ashland. so here is a steadier shower
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here in lorain county we are pushing into western cuyahoga county. light rain is moving into westlake and right into cleveland hop kips airport -- hopkins airport. if you are picking somebody up at the airport you are running into the rain of this will be with us through the night and it will linger into the morning hours of your thanksgiving and the back edge of t fort wayne. here is the situation. you have the rain and the midand upper 30s inland and low 40s along the lakeshore and by 7:00 tomorrow morning light rain basically from cleveland east. a lot of cloud cover tomorrow. the light rain diminishes down to a drizzle. you can see temperatures well in the 40s though. that's seasonal for this time of year even for the cloudy sky.
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pockets of light rain and drizzle in the area. future view rainfall. this is the stuff that moves through tonight and tomorrow. it looks like a 10th of an inch or so mansfield and worcester and canton and a little more than that in cleveland at .20 of an inch and the latest future view model is indicating a third of an inch. this is additional rain through the night and tomorrow. forecast. the rain is moving in with a light rain and we will hold rest of the night. happy thanksgiving i have the -- happy thank giving. a morning light rain and it will diminish into a drizzle. 47 is your expected high and the wind won't be too bad. here is the planner 7:00 a.m. light rain and 42. drizzle by lunchtime. if you will have lunch. 45 and i would imagine that most areas by 5:00 will be sitting down at the dinner table.
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light rain is down to a drizzle and about 46. now we are through thanksgiving and let's talk shopping. tomorrow night does look dry if you are lining up. it is not too cold. it is right around 40. if we can get some peeks of sun going i have us warming to the upper 40s. another front is coming through. lake effect winter mix with a fyi, that is not expected to hit columbus. columbus does look dry and clearing sky and near 50 and there was something we saw last weekend. it is in the 60s tomorrow afternoon and it looks like it is going to rain. >> powerball jackpot is up to a record number.
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here they are. 7, 32, 41, 47, 61 and powerball is three. good luck. >> denise: sounds like you have them. i didn't even buy a ticket. many of you may use aloe gel to get relief from sunburns, but those customers may end up feeling the burn. they tested the gels sold at wal-mart and target and cvs and none of the gels have aloe in them at all. that's even though the gels have aloe listed as an ingreed crept. ingredient. the company is disputing the findings. >> romona: president obama started his thanksgiving holiday with an annual tradition. during the small ceremony in the rose garden he pardoned two turkeys. the second being an alternate. local schoolkids named them
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the pardoned birds are headed to an exhibit at the animal and poultry sciences department. >> kevin love was on fire at the q. tony zarrella is breaking down the record-setting night coming up in sports. >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app. powered by the calvetta brothers floor show.
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today, you can click in walk in or call in to the number one care in ohio. cleveland clinic is here for you, anytime, anywhere. find your way to the best care, at now, this is ther is pen -- the serpentini chevrolet sports report. >> mark: a year ago tonight kevin love had his highest total in a cavs uniform. he decided to go out and match that total in the first quarter. the oregon native taking it to his hometown. look out portland, there is a
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>> and he got it for three. >> love is in the air. >> love again. >> love again. >> and are you serious! >> that's just not fair. >> just doing a lot of different -- >> >> he faces up and he's got 34. >> 34 in the first 12 minutes and that's a first quarter nba record and he tacks on six more to finish with 40 cavs big 137-125.
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>> it has been out of the ordinary and finding my shots and taking my spots. they were finding me all over the court. i got into a really good rhythm and from there it was tough to stop. >> do you look for him every time when a guy gets hot. are you going to look for him to keep on -- >> every single time. when he has a hot hand like that you keep it going as much as you can jievment they will take a philly. they will stop at the shoe to catch the game. lebron helped design the shoe for the buckeyes. a special black and red version and considering the wolverines it sets up lebron veer -- lebron versus michael. the wol vie rines may have won two of the last 15, but their head coach knows all about two
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harbaugh backed up two himself
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? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now
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the thanksgiving forecast. >> jeff: be careful driving home because rain is moving in right now. we will have rain tonight and into tomorrow morning. it diminishes to a drizzle by noon. and by 45 at 5:00, the high 47 and a lot of cloud cover. it's been worse. >> denise: we have a lot to be thankful for and especially
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now a "late show" thanksgiving message. >> hi, i'm a thanksgiving turkey here with a special holiday message. but first, i'd like to get something off my breast. would you please stop using your hand to draw me? depictionave turkey. i mean, look at me. i'm an abomination, a freak of nature, four stubby feathers. and where where's my waddle, my sole means of attracting a mate. without it i'll die alone and never know the sensuous touch of a hand. by the way, why do you even draw turkeys on thanksgiving.


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